Bored of Boards? 5 Beautiful alternatives for your Wedding Table Plan.

I love a good seating plan, but it only takes a quick google search to be flooded with one particular style, namely the Table plan board! Sometimes they're printed or maybe wooden or acrylic and they might even have cute illustrations added, but all boards usually sat on an easel.

So if you're bored of seeing boards (sorry), I’m here to show you some beautiful alternatives and to offer you some gentle encouragement to inject more of your personality in to the focal points of your day; because no one wants their wedding day to look exactly like everyone else’s, right?

1. Dress up your Seating Plan


Bespoke table plan with heart shaped pockets, filled with notes from the newlyweds to their guests. 
Created by me and photographed by J Ehlers Photography.

    Ok, I know what you’re thinking “isn’t this just a seating plan board?” Well yes and no. Firstly despite what you may be thinking I have nothing against A1 signs! My encouragement is that if you’ve chosen a printed board (or wooden board / acrylic sign) dress them up! Don’t just pop them on an easel and forget about them. If they’re acrylic how about standing them in front of beautiful florals or fabrics that tie your scheme together? Going for a printed or wooden board why not try a different shape, adding some envelopes with personalised notes to your guests and/or dressing them with props? And finally, although those google results are saying your size options are A1 or A2 so many sizes and shapes are available to suite your venue and styling! I love the look of an oversized acrylic sign, leant in front of a wall of foliage, florals or a beautiful textured stone wall, such a beautiful focal point within your wedding décor.

    2. Escort card style Seating Plan


    Escort cards created on handmade paper, with gilded edges.
    Styled beautifully in collaboration with Kirsten,The Little Wedding Helper for this vintage botanical style day.
    Photography by Stephanie Dreams Photography.

      If you’re in the UK you might not have seen an escort card display at a wedding before, other than on Pinterest! They’re simply a way of displaying your name and table number together. They “escort” you to the right table, where your place setting then shows you which seat is yours. The thing I love most about an escort card display are their versatility, you can display them in so many different ways to suit your day, to suit the spaces available at your venue and to weave in some of your loves. They add visual interest to your wedding day and create a beautiful talking point while your guests gather to spot their name and table.

      3.Themed displays


        A romantic and whimsical table plan display created by me for a Taylor Swift "Lover" Era inspired wedding.
        Photography by Grace Dove Photography.

        I know themes are not everyone’s cup of tea but let’s think of this more as showing off your personality. You can use the things you love literally or as more of a broad feeling for the day with subtle touches. I have seen so many beautiful and unique ways of doing this, lets brainstorm some examples:

        The Music lovers

        Whether it’s your favourite band, that together you’ve seen 38468 times, a specific genre you both enjoy or perhaps just a general love of vinyl, music is a great understated theme to weave in to your day. From using a selection of vinyl’s to display your seating chart, to creating escort cards in the shape of concert tickets, your imagination is the only limit. The display photographed was created for Taylor Swift fans; the colours, feeling and overall aesthetic was inspired by her "Lover" Era, and the day filled with romance and whimsy.

        The tennis loving couple

        Mount vintage tennis rackets to a wall or display stand and attach a table plan card to each which lists your guests names. Team it with tennis inspired table names and include some strawberries and cream either in your catering or through some Wimbledon inspired cocktails.

        The Travel lovers

        Collate vintage postcards or your own images from your travels and attach your guests’ names and table numbers for a beautiful travel themed escort card style display. Top tip – if your photos are all different styles and colours, converting them to black and white can help to unify your display.

        4. Outdoor Seating Chart Installations

        I've created this Pinterest board full of beautiful examples and inspriation for unique outdoor wedding seating charts.

        Ok so I am aware that if you’re based in the UK then not too many of you will be getting married outside and even less having your wedding breakfast outside, but if you are (dreamy), then please get your florist to create a beautiful natural floral installation and then add your guests names and table numbers to it. Just. So. Beautiful. *side note, I would LOVE to create your escort cards please!*

        5. Soft and Romantic Fabric Signage


        A selection of fabric signs that i've created, hand dyed to match your scheme or left natural, hand painted lettering and optional added dried flowers.

        Photography by: Green Fabric Sign - Kate Swanson Photography 
        Botanical Fabric Sign - Stephanie Dreams Photography 
        Whimsical Fabric Sign - Southwest Wedding Photography

        If you haven’t already browsed my website, then you might not know I love a hopelessly romantic wedding aesthetic. Textured, organic, authentic, beautiful, soft… about here I ran out of adjectives to profess my love for romantic fabric signs, so I asked Chat GPT to help and judging by its response, it’s as much of a sentimental romantic as I am;
        “Nestled amidst the whispering breeze, there hangs a hand painted beautiful display of soft, flowing fabric, its gentle folds cascading like whispers of love upon the wind. In hues reminiscent of the tender blush of dawn, this ethereal creation bathes in a palette of delicate neutrals, evoking the timeless elegance of a love story written in the stars.”

        Maybe it’s a bit over the top but I love it – almost as much as I love fabric signs.

        So there you have it, my 5 beautiful alternatives to using an A1 Table Plan on your wedding day.

        I hope you’ve discovered some new ideas and ways to add more of you, to your wedding day. I promise that the secret to a timeless day is choosing things that you really love and not thinking that you have to do anything in a set way.

        Oh and if you’re looking for a lovely stationer to help you create your Wedding Seating Plan, Hi, I’m Gemma, pleased to meet you and I can’t wait to talk stationery with you. Just pop me an email, here.

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