A sentimental small business based in Gloucestershire, UK. Creating personlised, cherished keepsakes that connect you with your memories & timeless, sentimental wedding stationery, beautifully detailed to capture your story.

A black and white image of Gemma Anderson, creator of Atria UK, smiling to the camera while placing wedding menus on a table

Meet Atria UK

Gemma, the sentimental creative

A paper loving memento hoarder
who loves life’s cherished moments. Creating sentimental keepsakes and handcrafted wedding stationery that captures the feeling of your most cherished moments.


    It doesn't need to follow fashions or trends, it just needs to be something that you will want to keep forever. Something that you truly love and that has a feeling or memory attached to it. A sentiment. A sustainable way to create and live.


    I cherish our conversations, the lessons I learn every day and time spent with family. The feeling of sunshine on my face in winter and most of all, creating keepsakes, gifts & wedding stationery with sentiment, for you to cherish forever.


    Linking you to your precious memories and joyous moments. Creating a sentimental gift that you know they will love. Bringing you and your loved ones together through invitation. Working together, connected.

About Atria UK

Sentimental. Cherished. Connected.

Founded in 2017 by me, Gemma. I'm the designer, creater, wax stamp maker, tea drinker and apparently web copywriter (who knew!) behind Atria UK. Atria is humbly run from my home studio in gloucestershire and all processes from designing and printing, to foiling and carefully packaging, take place here, by me.
All of this is really just to say, Hi! Hello! Pleased to meet you.
I want you to know that when you browse through my website, whether you're here for the keepsakes and gifts or perhaps a newly engaged couple searching for wedding stationery ideas, I am so grateful that you landed here. I try my best to be a nice human and I love talking to other nice humans, whether it's about your wedding plans or unique gift ideas too. So if you think I can help at all, send me a message or come and find me on socials. I'd love to talk and hopefuly we can work together too. x


Here's a little bit about me, Gemma.

Qualifications & Background

I'm pretty sure i've always been creative... and sentimental. At school I loved Art and ended up taking 3 different Art A levels; Fine Art, Ceramics and Art Textiles. I then went on to study Spatial Design at University and majored in Interior Design. From there I worked for 12 years designing bars, restaurants and commercial food service facilities. Anything from staff canteens to high end fine dining restaurants for chefs off the tele. By the time I left my role in 2020 I had worked my way up to Head of Design and Marketing.

Home Life & Self Employment

2023 marks 10 years around the sun with my other half, Joe. In 2016 we had a little boy, Cub (who is everything!) and in September 2020 he was due to start school, having turned 4 just a few days before. It was at this time, I took the leap in to full time self-employment, having run Atria around my day job for 3 years previous. I am so grateful that this little busines of mine, allows me the freedom to do the school run everyday, even if I moan when we're walking in the rain.


Tea, Coffee - all caffiene.
Biscuits, Cake, Crisps - all snacks.
Cuddles, Old ticket stubs, Handmade & Homemade gifts - all the sentimental things in life.
Feeling the sun's rays on my face.
Making an occasion out of any day, as often as possible. Any excuse for a tea party.


Wind and rain at the same time.
Scary / Overly Violent Films - not for me, I like to sleep peacefully.
Lack of manners and/or empathy.
Fresh Tomatoes. I like 'em tinned, in sauce, out of a bottle, sliced and cooked - just don't make me bite into a whole fresh tomato. I've only ever met one person who feels the same and he became the Mr.