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A sentimental small business creating cherished Keepsakes and Wedding Stationery.

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Little paper portals of joy that connect you to your most precious moments

Crafted using natural materials, traditional techniques and embellished by hand to create paper goods that no printer alone can replicate. Handmade stationery, keepsakes and gifts, so special you know they'll be cherished forever. Always made by hand, by me, for you.

A visual bookmark in time


All too often our precious moments quickly pass us by and the mementos we collect get tidied away destined to stay in a box, seen rarely.

My aim is to create a visual bookmark in your story, with beautiful paper keepsakes destined to adorn your home. And whenever you choose to look, you'll be connected to your most precious memories and those feelings of joy.

*they also make great gifts - who doesn't love feelings of happiness?

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Your story on paper

Wedding Stationery

So, you're planning your wedding and trying to piece it all together. Do you already have 5436 images saved on pinterest? It can get a bit confusing trying to decipher the ideas you love, but maybe I can help?

Whether you choose to put your stamp on a design i've already created or you want to create your stationery from scratch, let's work together and weave your story through the fibres of the paper. Creating your very own timeless wedding stationery, to cherish forever.

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About Atria UK

Sentimental. Cherished. Connected.

A sentimental small business based in Gloucestershire, creating cherished keepsakes and wedding stationery. Little paper portals of joy, connecting you to your precious memories.

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